The word "digiscoping" was coined in 1999 by French birdwatcher Alain Fossé. Digiscoping is a neologism for the activity of using a digital camera to record distant images by coupling it with an optical telescope assembly (OTA).

Typical Digiscoping Setup

Among birdwatchers the term "digiscoping" usually refers to using a compact digital camera to snap pictures through the eyepiece of a spotting scope (or telescopes) - a technique called Afocal photography.

afocal 2

"Digiscoping" has also been associated with using a dSLR and telescope (w/o eyepiece) for prime focus photography as shown below and as described in earlier post.

Picture below was taken using prime focus technique - by attaching a dSLR using T-adapter directly to an OTA (w/o using eyepiece).

Yellow Bird 2